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16" Latex balloons on weight. Please add colors in notes

7 Large 16" Latex Bunch

Excluding Sales Tax
  • 7- 16" Latex helium balloons  with curling ribbons to match balloon color unless otherwise requested. Ribbon is cut to 7' with the ends curled. Placed on a balloon weight.

    All latex balloons are treated to maximize float time. As time passes, the air excapes from the balloon very slowly. It will also start getting a white powder look to them as they start to bio-degrade.

    Mylar balloons are a foil type of balloon, It is not used for release because they could get caught up in electrical lines. They expand in the heat and deflate in a cooler enviornment, so when you recieve your bouquet it may be delivered a little deflated until the balloon adjusts to the new enviornment it is in, then they will puff up. 

    Mylar balloons should last 2 days but depending on the size and make they can last up to 7 days.