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  Choose the colors of balloons and the Mylar theme or SKU number

If you just choose a theme and color we will put together the best choice available.

3- 11" Latex, 1 18" Mylar styled on a weight

SKU: 311L118M  
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  • 3 - 11" Latex with 1 18" Mylar helium balloons with ribbons to match balloon color unless otherwise requested. Placed on a balloon weight.

    Add color of balloons in notes

    All latex balloons are treated to maximize float time. As time passes, the air excapes from the balloon very slowly. It will also start getting a white powder look to them as they start to bio-degrade.

    Please state the theme you would like (birthday, anniversary, get well, etc...) in the Notes or state the 18" Mylar balloon you would like by adding the product number of the balloon you like in the notes on the cart page

    Plain Mylars are stars, hearts or rounds please add colors to go with the type of shape you like.

    Mylar balloons expand in warmer environments and deflate in colder environments.  The balloons will be delivered in a bag. If the outside or the inside of your home is cooler  then the balloons may look deflated until they get accustomed to the indoor conditions of your home. The colder it is outside then the more deflated they may look. 

    Ribbon is cut to 7' with the ends curled. Placed on a balloon weight.

    Mylar balloons are a foil type of balloon, It is not used for release because they could get caught up in electrical lines. 

    Mylar balloons should last 2 days but depending on the size and make they can last up to 7 days.

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